Frequently Asked Cart Questions


Can you deliver the golf cart to me?

   Yes, we would be happy to deliver at no cost to anyone, within New Port Richey, for reservations made at least 24 hours in advance. A $2 per mile delivery charge will apply to areas outside of the city limits.


What are the drop off and pick up windows?

   Standard hrs of drop off are 7am-9am or 7pm-9pm and pickup are also 7am-9am or 7pm-9pm. However, we are happy to look at any individual needs and assess them case by case. Please check the pickup/drop off special request box at the time of the booking.


Do you have after hours drop off cart return?

   Yes, we would be happy to try to accommodate. Please call or text us at (727) 807-0028.


Do you offer or provide a sticker for Gulf Harbors Beach Club?

   Gulf Harbors Beach Club is a private beach and requires membership available to residents only. If you have friends or family that are members, you are permitted to go by golf cart with them. As an alternative, Green Key Beach is a public park and is also accessible by golf cart, just North of Gulf Harbors beach.


Can I reschedule if there is bad weather?

   We do operate rain or shine, but in cases of extreme conditions, you may reschedule or cancel without penalty at the company’s discretion.


What is your cancellation policy?

   All cancellations must be done within 72 hours in advance and are subject to a 15% processing fee at the company’s discretion.


Can I rent for a month or more?

   Yes, absolutely please call or text us at (727) 807-0028 for pricing information. A new contract would need to be signed every 30 days. Please reach out we would love to go over this is more detail.


Where am I able to drive the cart?

   Since all of our carts are LSV’s (Low speed Vehicles) you would be able to drive on any roads with a posted speed limit for 35 miles per hour or under. Yes, this means you can cross highway 19. You will be able to not only explore what downtown New Port Richey has to offer but can also cross over and check out green key beach. We will talk to you about how and where to use the cart in more detail at the time of pickup/delivery.


What advantages do carts have?

   Our carts fit nicely in tight spots and are a convenient way to get around New Port Richey. Besides being comfortable with plenty of room for your shopping haul, there is nothing better than feeling the Florida sunshine on your skin. Warning, driving a cart might make friends and locals jealous.  

Gulf Harbors Cart Rentals at the Civic Center

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Gulf Harbors, New Port Richey, FL, 34652, United States